About Us

Treasured Movie Memories is run by Steve Blackmore and Becky Jones. We’re based in Ottershaw, near Chertsey, Surrey. 

Steve has been working with camcorders and video tapes since the early 90s. He started off converting family and friends videos as a hobbyist but it soon became a full time business as more and more people heard about the service and how good the quality is. Treasured Movie Memories is a family run business and everything we do is based around offering excellent quality video tape conversions at a great price.

Becky manages the customer communication side of the business and keeps everything organised, while Steve uses his expertise to convert all video tape formats into high quality digital video files.

We use high end hardware to play the tapes so that they can be recorded digitally. Using special digital transfer boxes the tapes are converted to digital and then processed using professional grade software. This process makes your video tape footage look like new!

As well as offering a video tape transfer and conversion service to the whole of the UK via post, anyone local to the Chertsey area can also drop off their tapes directly if required.